Sunday, 9 June 2013

The next doctor who????/?

I was planning to write this up tomorrow. But have since heard rumours that the new Doctor will be announced tomorrow??? Tomorrow being Saturday 08/06/13. Which it already is but after no sleep the calender for me pauses, and awaits a fresh and glorious morning. 
I make no attempt in claiming to be sober during the typing of this entry.
So basically- MY ENTIRIES FOR THE 12th DOCTOR are as follows....

6. Jennifer Saunders.

Mrs Jennifer Who
Well come on. Who wouldn't want this to happen? As toxically deadly as this would be for the BBC and the percieved serious austeryity of Doctor Who, I would pay a fair bob+shilling to witness the female interpretation of the "sonic screwdriver". If not a radiantly glowing orange and vodka, then what else could the name possibly imply? I love Jen Saunders and i'm sure she'd be right up for a go at the ol' time travel. 
See. He hasn't a fucking clue what to do with it.

5. Rupert Grint
This old face
Okay well this would never happen in a million years but for the sake of an argument I had at the pub just now, lets say he were a candidate. Yes it would fulfill the fantasy of a ginger Doctor as he has always wished; but at 24, he is too young. 'Tis too soon to break the record of youngest Doctor, as Matt Smith should rightfully remain crown of this title until someone really worthy- more worthy than a rat goblet conjurer- comes along.

4. Ella Woods.

Another female candidate. Yes the Tardis may be due for an unanticipated makeover in pink decor- bu aside from the ill-advised choice of colour scheme; a sensitive empathetically in-tune Doctor would well suit the void in which Matt Smith will leave (brb crycry).  Ella is fab she is intelligent and will pursue the most difficult of conclusions despite whatever difficult obstacles may arise. Love inspires her, but not so much as the trail of hope for the pathetic and desperate she leaves behind. Well done Doctor Woods.

3.  David Karp (Tumblr Founder)

yes plz

He already has the hair and the huge online following and he's absolutely gorgeous and I love him.

2. Maurice Moss (I.T Crowd)

Socially awkward nerd Maurice Moss, played by Richard Ayoade  could definitely be the Doctor. All his geeky little dreams would come true although I can see him getting into more trouble than good. Not sure how much the Tardis would love being turned off and on again every time she malfunctions though.

1. Jarvis Cocker

Yes it's an old picture but hey time travel
This sexy little indie king can take me for a spin around the universe any time. He would rescue all the misfitted losers from the cool kids and we'd be seeing a lot more of Sheffield. And just think how many times he could visit in the year 2000. He epitimizes the British eccentiricity of which the Doctor has also revolved around. And while we're at it, Jarvis for president too.

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