Sunday, 9 June 2013

Stay up late. A simple thing everyone has the right to!

We all know that there are several things in life that we take for granted. One of these 'little things' is the option to stay up late. And I don't just mean going to bed late at home, I mean going to the pub, going out for dinner and staying out for drinks, going clubbing. I can't imagine a life that would end at 10pm every day, but that's simply reality for thousand of people with learning disabilities. These people rely on their carers in getting out and enjoying a social lifestyle, but the social workers are just that- workers- and usually finish work at 10pm. Which is of course fair, everyone that works needs a regular finish time to go home. But this leaves disabled people with an early bedtime and never seeing the encore of a band. I don't think I've ever even seen a popular band that's begun a set before 9, or a nightclub that's lively before 11. are publicizing this downfall in the care industry, and hold events run by people with learning disabilities and open to everyone. And just to make them even cooler, it was started by a punk band. 

Do you know any disabled folk who'd be interested in one of these nights? Check out the website and share it- whether you do or not. I for one had certainly never considered that some of us aren't in control of our social lives, and everyone should know about this to try and bring about some changes. 

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