Sunday, 19 May 2013

Yahoo, you CAN'T sit with us!

Yahoo is buying tumblr. Potentially. Yahoo wants to drag itself out of the 90's and be flung into the sea of a young demographic. By buying tumblr, the assumption from their part is that this crowd of creative, cool teenagers will come like a free gift in a cereal box.
I don't know Yahoo's intentions with tumblr- but a quick glance at the Yahoo homepage gives me some predictions. Tumblr will lose it's simplicity; the dull, non-interfering shade of blue, the one-column layout. is one of the most unattractive web pages I have seen. It is busy with annoying unnecessary little buttons. The top corner whimpers at me "please make an account with us, we know you already have an account for everything for under the sun and there would be no purpose in you making another one, but please, we are so nice and purple." 

Yahoo I can assure you, that if you try to enforce YahooID login on tumblr, you will lose the trendy crowd you're so desperate for. Because after all that is why you want tumbr isn't it? For the bloggers, the followers, the hipsters. Tumblr has the most sought after online demographic- young, social-networking, bored, horny, teenagers that are online more than they are asleep. Grab that group the way David Karp did, and you've got yourself one cool website.

But where do theses trendy cool-crowners get a say? Bloggers across the site are already expressing their displease. A small minority think that the outrage is an over-reaction. The primary concern is that advertisements will be introduced. Tumblr is popular because of it's simplicity, it's easiness, and it's honesty. One person talking to their followers. Another person sharing the conversation, another adding to it. No interference from advertising campaigns or professionals directing the flow of posts. Banning nude or provoking material is also a worry, with a substantial percentage of tumblr's pages being pornographic or showing selfharm.

If yahoo are smart, they WILL listen to the say of the tumblr bloggers. For there are plenty of potential improvements. For example, private messaging and removing the post-limit.

 Tumblrers say no. But when $1.1 Billion is on the table, it's easy to see who wins.

It remains now only to wait, to hope, and to blog.

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