Sunday, 18 August 2013

Katy Perry's 'ROAR'. Less Lion- more Hello Kitty?

On August 2nd, KatyPerryVEVO uploaded this clip. It shows her silently lighting her famous blue wig on fire. I had mixed feelings about this, as I do like her upbeat pop songs and she is one of very few popstars that I like. In fact I can think of no other. And I see no reason for her to destroy her alter ego, as David killed Ziggy. But I was also excited to see what she'd come out with. Instead of more "mature" music such as boring ballads I was hoping to see a rockchic Katy. Something more like when she was working with "The Matrix", before she became the blue-haired "Californian Girl" that made her famous.

What was released on Monday however was so disappointing. Here is a list of why.

1. The tone of song

The tune is of the boring poppy sound that one would expect from a hasbeen popstar making a bid for popularity amoungst young girls. It isn't what I can imagine a club blasting, nor what an avid music fan would buy into. Katy is in the prime of her youth and still in popular demand- therefore I would expect a tune much more imaginative than the doopdedoo of "roar".

2. Unimaginative lyrics

Her lyrics in this song do in way compare to her talents demonstated in songs like "The one that got away" and  "I'm still breathing". I don't know how much of this song was down to her responsible talents,  but with my unwavering faith in KP, I expect more from her future releases.

3. Outdated use of autotune

Come on Katy. Autotune isn;t cool anymore, and I know you have the vocal ability to do it yourself. Roar isn't a dance track anyway, so leave it out, yeah?

4. Emoticon video

The first glimpse of the song I was pleasured to witness was in the form of the lyric video, which only aided my distaste. I am unsure what she was attempting to achieve with the use of 'emoticons' to portray the ingenious lyrics, except that it is nostalgic to me as I think of the old times staying up all night on Bebo and MSN, Remember that? Hardly? Yeah, me too.

5. More preteenpoppy than before!

Basically, KP's new sound is more ridiculous and pre-teen poppy than before. If anything she has narrowed her demographic significantly. So much for this "ROAR" of serious music!

6. P.S, it  sounds just like another!

From what I can gather from the online reviews that have beaten me to it, the song is a replica of Sara Bareilles’ “Brave". I looked up both and played them side by side, and the intros certainly do have an uncanny similarity. Although it must be said that with all the songs in the world, repeated tunes are a certainty. 

I don't know! Perhaps it will grow on me! Please Katy, do win my trust back, I do enjoy your existence so much.

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